LTCO Jet Service

LTCO Jet Service is a division of Logistic One Ltd. that can handle all freight that requires an Aircraft, thru our extensive provider base we can move air shipments anywhere in US, Canada and Mexico

Expedited Freight

On time, damage free deliveries & responsive service in a cost-effective manner. Online Tracking available for all freights.

Solo and Team Drivers

Logistic One Ltd Offers Flexible Hometime to Teams & Solo Drivers!

LTL Expedited

The fast pace of your supply chain requires fast pace solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Logistic One Ltd has the expertise and equipment to deliver all your expedited needs today, tonight, and tomorrow!


Logistic One Ltd is an experienced Freight Carrier specialized in heavy hauling and over-sized loads from US and Canada into Mexico and vice-versa.


Intermodal shipping capacity with priority rail services and the expertise to deliver cargo safely, cost-effectively and on time.

Cross Docking

We offer cross docking/trans-loading services that provide timely consolidation distribution of freight and more efficient use of transportation assets that bring benefits to suppliers and transportation partners.


Our warehouse facility is available for all our customers’ needs. It is 18,600 square feet and equipped with 50 dock doors.

Dedicated Lanes

Our transportation solutions include dedicated services with over-the-road and local lanes.

For many years, Logistic One Ltd. has successfully serviced the just-in-time transportation industry.


We have the people, the equipment, and the experience to deliver your freight safely and on time. When Logistic One Ltd. is handling your shipping needs, you have one less thing to worry about. We are staffed 24 hours a day to handle all service issues as they occur. We can be utilized in emergency situations to ensure your shipment is delivered when expected.

High Reliability 98.9%
Reasonable Cost 95%
Technically Advanced 85%
Dedication to safety 100%
Logistic One Ltd Trucks


We have expertise in more than just the transportation industry. From automotive, manufacturing, and consumers’ goods to aircraft shipments and JIT shipments, we have the experts that understand your specific needs. But we also have the equipment and technology to serve you: Our specialized fleet consists of: 53 and 48 Ft. flatbeds, step-decks, curtain-sides, reefers and 53 Ft. Super Vans.

We have not only the expertise, but also the equipment and the technology to serve you. Our specialized equipment of flatbeds, step-decks, curtain-side equipments, reefers, and super 53′ vans allow us to satisfy all kinds of requirements.

No matter what industry you are in, we have the people, equipment, knowledge, and experience to provide a custom solution to all your transportation needs. Whether you need logistical support, security, or follow-up, you can rely on us to deliver on time and up to your standards.